Warehouse Management System


Warehouse management system provides an end-to-end workflow solution, from receiving goods, put away, smart racks, inventory control, cycle count, replenishment, picking and shipping goods.










Amtox Data bring customers and WMS partners together, based on the customer's requirement our WMS partners position their WMS system. Amtox Data jointly and sometime independently takes care of the implementations of WMS at customer's location. After the successful launch of the WMS system, many businesses will find that the resources required to operate the system is greater than prior to the implementation, there also Amtox Data stand by with customers.



Voice Directed Warehouse System




The benefits of Voice technology to your enterprise are endless, and with Wavelink Speakeasy™, you no longer have to worry about a time consuming and cost-prohibitive implementation. Speakeasy delivers low-cost, high quality integration of client-side, Voice driven data collection into existing host connectivity applications.


Adding Voice has been proven to deliver 99% accuracy and at the least, a 10% improvement in productivity to warehouse applications such as data-entry, picking and processing. Voice also dramatically improves safety by allowing workers to work in a hands and eyes-free environment. Voice can now be extended beyond traditional applications like Voice-picking and improves business processes outside the four walls, such as mobile inspections, field services and yard management.


Historically, implementing mobile emulation-based Voice applications required the creation of new server-side applications, specialized Voice-specific mobile devices and the purchase of additional server hardware, which cut into productivity and the bottom-line. With Speakeasy, your IT department is empowered to quickly and easily add voice support to existing terminal emulation applications. No new server, modification or replacement of the host application is required. With monitoring and diagnostics tools in the TE client interface, users can quickly and easily optimize Speakeasy for any hardware or environment. It even takes into account a user’s environment, personal pronunciation patterns, their dialect, and any background noise. Speakeasy truly is providing a significant return in accuracy and productivity with little to no training.

Get growing – with our affordable, scalable easy to integrate Voice Driven Warehouse Solutions.






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