Asset Tracking


asset tracking software transforms the speed and accuracy of an asset audit. Assets cab be flagged as correctly located, transferred or missing, unexpected or misplaces items cab be quickly identified through advanced search, actions arising as a result of an audit can be rapidly verified prior to updating the register and many more with our asset tracking you can enjoy.










Amtox Data asset tracking software transforms the audit process by using barcodes, passive Radio Frequency ID (RFID) and portable scanning technology to carry out fast and accurate physical audits at minimal cost. Covering thousands of assets across multiple locations in a single audit, scanning reduces the time spent on physical audits and improves asset traceability.



Asset Tracking and Asset Management




Our Asset Tracking System is a solution for managing the movements of physical assets as they are moved from one location to another. Many companies utilize modern tracking equipment to manage the process, making it possible to receive real-time information about the location of goods that are in the process of delivery, or that are being transferred from one plant location to another. The idea behind asset tracking is to keep inventories current, which in turn can be very important when it comes to filling upcoming customer orders, scheduling production time, and efficiently managing the taxes associated with different types of inventories.


In case of goods that are moved from one location to another, the use of asset tracking devices is common today. This applies to raw materials ordered by a customer as well as finished goods that are ordered by consumers and scheduled for delivery. The use of radio-frequency identification or RFID tags makes it possible to literally track orders as they move closer to that point of delivery.


One of the major benefits of this approach is the ability to report real-time delivery information to customers, allowing them to make arrangements for the receipt of the goods. In like manner, tracking raw materials that are en route to a given destination makes it possible to adjust production if some unanticipated factor delays the delivery, allowing the receiver to minimize the loss of production time that would be incurred otherwise.


  • Hand-held data capture device scans location and unit tag (barcode or RFID)
  • A unique digital identifier is allocated to each  asset, enabling even identical units to be catalogued individually
  • Item status and location is uploaded into the central database in real time using WiFi or in batch mode via USB synching.
  • Hand-held device delivers an interactive display to provide the user with full asset attributes including description, make, model and serial number
  • Scanner can be used as a data capture tool to enter new asset information
  • Data can be uploaded from an asset register or Excel™ spreadsheet to the hand-held unit.




Manage your assets – with our affordable, scalable easy to integrate Asset Tracking System.