Remote Mobile Device Management


Avalanche automates configuration and software package deployment, firmware distribution and other tasks to manage a large, distributed wireless LAN.


Software distribution and revision control, Device set-up out of the box, Profile-based management, Advanced task scheduler,

Advanced security features, PCI and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance tools, Automated mobile device and data protection & encryption.








Avalanche saves you time and money by making it easy to manage devices. Preloaded on devices from a growing list of manufacturers, the Avalanche Enabler can automatically find the Avalanche system, eliminating the need for administrators to carry out extensive device discovery efforts. Avalanche also makes extensive use of Profiles and Groups, which allows administrators to predefine configuration details that can be automatically applied to new devices meeting specified criteria, rather than provisioning each device individually as it is added.



Manage & secure your mobile devices with Avalanche






In today’s mobile enterprise, an effective and powerful mobile device and wireless infrastructure management solution is a necessity. As the wireless ecosystem continues to expand, the number of mobile assets also expands.  Therefore, it’s critical for companies to manage these assets efficiently and securely in order to reduce the total cost of ownership of the wireless environment.


Wavelink Avalanche is an innovative mobile device and infrastructure management solution that solves the challenges associated with managing the wireless ecosystem. Avalanche streamlines and automates mobile device and infrastructure management tasks across the wireless LAN and WWAN, and ensures that the wireless environment is secure. Avalanche also provides comprehensive remote help desk support and remains the only solution available to manage every component of the enterprise. With Avalanche, companies will save up to 60% a year by reducing wireless costs, improving productivity and ensuring strong security across the network.


Avalanche is the most comprehensive management solution for the wireless enterprise available that provides complete visibility and control of wireless infrastructure and mobile devices from a central console. Wavelink solutions are run on more than 5,000,000 devices every year by more than 10,000 companies. Wavelink software is so widely adopted that nearly 100% of North American retailers use it to manage costs across the wireless ecosystem, and every day, 9 out of 10 of the world’s leading retailers rely on Wavelink Avalanche to ease the configuration, deployment and management of wireless networks while offering extensive flexibility to the widest range of mobile devices and infrastructure available. This makes Wavelink Avalanche the only vendor-agnostic product in the market that offers such extensive functionality and reduced complexity across such a large number of devices and infrastructure.


Amtox Data provide best in class solutions for mobile platform. Our team of engineers are experts in providing apps for IOS devices, Android enabled devices, and in Microsoft mobile devices.




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