Delivering accurate forecasts, market information, competitive analysis and strategic tools for automotive OEMs, their suppliers and financial stakeholders, various reports










Amtox Data has strong offerings for automobile industry, such Assembly Line, Inventory, SAP Business One, Mobile Dispatch Management System, Warehouse Management, Voice-Enabled Warehouse Management Sytem.



Automobile Industry with Amtox Data




Automobile industry is a vast and rapidly growing segment, like all other industries, automobile is  also looking for avenues to reduce cost, shorten product lifecycles, innovate and collaborate with partners – supplier or dealers, to deliver best-in-class values to  valued customers. As the demand for new improved vehicles is increasing, so is the need for automation of these industries. Intense competition in this sector calls for majors to reduce cost of production and improve customer care, supply chain management, and marketing & sales management.

Deliver innovative products and reduce operational costs. Whether you are an automotive OEM, a supplier or focused on sales and service, our automotive industry solutions can help you increase efficiencies and profits.

Decrease time to market and inventories with better control, execution and synchronisation. Collaborate with stakeholders – from engineers to retail partners – for efficient development and distribution of high-quality automotive products. And improve brand loyalty and market share with data that ensures strong customer and dealership relationships.

Amtox Data Automotive Solutions offers you a complete range of IT solutions and services to meet your business requirements of this industry.


    Inventory management
  • Business Intelligence & Reporting
  • Mobile computing & RFID
  • Barcode & warehouse management
  • Voice directed materials movement




Manage your assets – with our affordable, scalable easy to integrate Asset Tracking System.






    SAP Business One
  • Warehouse Solution
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Asset Tracking
  • Van Sales / SFA
  • Point Of Care
  • ERP
  • SAP BI
  • Logistic & 3PL
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing