Voice Enable Materials Move...


World's first company to bring Voice-Enabled Materials Movement system for Metal and Steel Manufacturing Industry, Industry best speech recongnization technology and our understanditng of materials movement challanges enabling us to enable metal industry to voice - enable materials movemement system.










Amtox Data has strong offerings for manufacturing industries, such as Crane automation system, SAP Business One, Mobile Dispatch Management System, Warehouse Management, Voice-Enabled Warehouse Management Sytem.







Manufacturing is “soul” of any business. When we talk about IT services for BPA (Business Process Automation), then Manufacturing Management System is always an integral part of it.


Manufacturing is a process, where we transform raw material into a product to meet customer’s requirements, and it involves many processes. Increasing competition, changing customer needs, new supply chain problems in the manufacturing process calls for the need of a solution, which can facilitate the production process to be cost effective, accurate, and efficient.


It has often seen SME Manufacturing companies work under highly competitive environment, they have to often react to short term changes in schedule and new orders that impact their ability to deliver one time.

The advanced manufacturing functionality for SAP® Business One includes powerful scheduling, capacity planning, routes and operations.  It supports the make-to-order market, where capacity planning, scheduling, and utilisation of shop floor resources are paramount, and where labour and machine costs are major profit drivers.
The company who are using SAB Business One is now successfully manage to see planning time reduced by over 50%, improving responsiveness to changes in demand and allowing them to provide more accurate delivery estimates to their customers.  Other benefits include, higher machine and labour utilisation rates, reduced lead times  and work in progress and the ability to calculate accurate and reliable order margins.



One industry – requires many best-in-class solutions, talk to Amtox Data to identify the best solution for your industry.






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