Gravity- ALM Workflow Management Solution


In today’s rapidly changing markets and growing and more complex customers’ requirements organizations willing to remain competitive must easily and quickly change strategies to be able to meet new market conditions and quickly introduce new products and/or services. Therefore they need a solution that supports management of any process within their organization.










Gravity is a perfect solution for organizations of any type or size that desire easier, faster and more visible management of multiple and complex processes, involving one or more departments and teams.


Streamlining processes with the support of workflow management can be tremendously beneficial for Software Developers, IT Executives, Business analysts and many others.


All departments (IT, Sales, Finance, Customer service, Warehouse, Etc.) will benefit from using Gravity within a very short period of time – regardless of any methodology they are currently using.



Application Lifecycle Management - GRAVITY




Gravity, designed with this in mind, can meet these needs perfectly. It supports process automation and streamlines and controls all changes taking place within organization of any type or size – regardless of the methodology it follows. Gravity is the ideal solution for software developers, IT executives, business analysts and many others that want to improve the quality and performance of work management with:


  • Process automation,
  • Modern and robust way of working,
  • Improved collaboration and communication,
  • Smooth communication among all team members,
  • Fully integrated system, accessible remotely or locally.




  • Time and money savings
  • Workflow control
  • Requirements management
  • Workload predictability
  • Standardized way of working
  • Significant increase in employees and machine productivity
  • Work quality improvement
  • Improved team communication and collaboration
  • Laws and regulations compliance (SOX, ISO, COBIT, etc.)
  • Future proof technology
  • Reduced risk in business continuity
  • Methodology independence (AGILE, Scrum, Waterfall, xp, “the next great thing” tm, etc.)





    SAP Business One
  • Warehouse Solution
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Asset Tracking
  • Van Sales / SFA
  • Point Of Care
  • ERP
  • SAP BI
  • Logistic & 3PL
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing