iVend Retail - A SAP Certified Solution


iVend Retail, a PCI compliant and SAP Certified solution, is a complete Retail Management Software, seamlessly integrated with SAP suite of Business Management Applications. iVend APIs can be integrated with any other modern ERP system for back-end accounting operations.








iVend Retail and Distribution domain with software solutions making its customers more profitable and efficient. With thousands of customers in over 45+ countries, CitiXsys focuses on customer agility & growth by delivering quality software solutio



iVend Complete POS System for Retail Industry





iVend Mobile POS gives complete Point of Sale functionality for iVend Retail 6.0+ on iPhones, iPod Touch and iPads running iOS 5.1 and above. iVend Mobile POS is well suited for retail stores of all sizes. Retailers must be running iVend Retail 6.0 and above as their enterprise retail server to use iVend Mobile POS as a Point of Sale. iVend Mobile POS connects with iVend Server over WiFi or 3G/ 4G/ LTE in online mode but is also designed to work when there is no network connectivity on an offline mode


Thousands of stores in over 45+ countries run iVend Retail to manage their retail operations.


Successful retailers have efficient and integrated business processes compared to their competition. Starting from the front-end cash register/ POS, back-office systems, Fulfillment Systems, Customer Loyalty System, Retail Business Intelligence, Inventory Management to Planning Engine, integrated eCommerce and many other retail processes should talk to each other efficiently for successful retailing.


iVend suite of Retail Applications manages every aspect of retail operation. Its ability to integrate with almost any ERP & its SAP certified integration along with PCI certified security standard makes iVend retail an unparalleled retail software in the industry. Large retailers with hundreds of stores can run the entire iVend Suite of Retail Applications to become more efficient and profitable. While small retailer with 20-30 store chain can also run required iVend modules today and opt for advanced iVend modules as-and-when the retail chain grows. iVend lets you grow at your pace and helps you adopt every innovation in retail industry when you are ready.