Amtox Engineering Services (AES)


Amtox Data dedicated engineering & automation division Amtox Engineering Services (AES), solely engaged in providing various engineering level expertise and consultancy to industries like Aerospace, Automotive, Oil & Gas (OG)Power & utilities (PU).








Amtox Data has industry best poll with years of expertise on various engineering projects executions, our experts has years-earned hand-on on technologies and can deliver solutions in advanced Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) and Computer Aided Engineering (CAE).



ES: Manufacturing Solutions / CAM





AES - Amtox Engineering Services - manufacturing solutions include tool Path Generation (CN/CNC for 3 & 5 Axis machine with different controller) and simulation with latest version of Vericut.using CAD models for milling upto 5 axis. Electrodes required are modelled digitally and NC programs for electrodes can be also be generated.


Our experts from the fields of manufacturing ensure reliable optimum and gouge free toolpath, We ensure we do complete mathematical and simulation checks before the toolpath is post-processed for CNC codes.


AES CAM expertise


Design and development of tools, jigs and fixtures, Die & Mould Design and sheet metal components Manufacturing Process Management CNC Programming for multi axes machining for different machine controllers & production support Tool path generation for aero structures (spars, longerons, Fuselage Frames, Fittings etc.,on variety of materials like Aluminium alloys, Titanium alloys and Alloy Steels Tool path simulation using VERICUT Design of special purpose tools and holding fixtures Vericut Machine Modelling and Control file Customization




Optimum tool path.Gouge free and reliable.Faster output, faster change implementation. Tool path for longer tool life. Special care for surface finish and accuracy taken. Programming done by expert professional. Shop-floor documentation.


Discuss your engineering & manufacturing requirement with our experienced engineering team.